FLY Racing and Kryptek Unite to Redefine Adventure Apparel

FLY Racing and Kryptek Unite to Redefine Adventure Apparel

FLY Racing, a leading action-adventure apparel brand for motocross, street, BMX, MTB, ADV, snow, and watercraft riders, has joined forces with Kryptek, the epitome of technical hunting clothing with a strong military heritage, to introduce a thrilling fusion of style and performance to the world of outdoor sports apparel.

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In its 25th year, FLY Racing is celebrated for its relentless pursuit of innovation, consistently delivering high-quality products designed to elevate rider performance and safety. From helmets to jerseys, pants to gloves, boots to goggles, and protective gear, FLY Racing is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail. Combining functionality with fashion, FLY Racing’s products are designed to not only perform exceptionally but also make a striking statement on the track or the street.

Kryptek, deeply rooted in tactical military apparel attributes, has redefined technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. With combat-tested features and designs proven in the harshest environments under the most extreme conditions, Kryptek caters to outdoor adventurers who demand top-notch quality and uncompromising performance from their gear. This dedication to excellence forged in combat has been honed through real-world experience.

In this landmark partnership, Kryptek has licensed the use of its proprietary camouflage patterns to be featured on select FLY Racing apparel, offering outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to embrace the essence of both brands.

FLY Racing introduces Kryptek’s iconic camouflage patterns to its off-road product line, thus appealing to a broader demographic. Simultaneously, Kryptek’s loyal following in the hunting and fishing community now has the opportunity to explore FLY Racing’s world of power sports apparel.

Key products include the 2024 F-16 riding wear, Kinetic S.E. helmet, and Focus goggles, all featuring Kryptek’s renowned camouflage patterns. These products represent a harmonious blend of style and performance, providing riders with the ultimate off-road adventure kit.

Chip Jones, Sr. Director North American Apparel at FLY Racing, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to combine FLY Racing’s passion for performance with Kryptek’s proven tactical expertise and style. This collaboration will offer riders a blend of functionality and fashion that sets a new standard in the industry.”

Anthony Armsby, Sr. Director of Marketing, also shared his thoughts: “Our partnership with Kryptek will allow us to reach a wider audience of adventure seekers. We believe that the marriage of their camouflage patterns with FLY Racing’s motocross gear will bring a unique and appealing product to outdoor enthusiasts.”

Tim Piver, Chief Executive Officer of Kryptek said, “Kryptek’s advanced proprietary designs are a great fit with FLY Racing and we are proud to partner with this exceptional brand.”

With shared user demographics the collaboration extends the influence of both brands, ultimately benefiting riders and outdoor enthusiasts. This co-branded riding gear promises to redefine adventure apparel and raise the bar for outdoor enthusiasts. The products from this exciting partnership are available in dealerships now.

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About FLY Racing
For 25 years, FLY Racing has been at the forefront of apparel and equipment design. Motocross, street motorcycle, bicycle and snow machines, ATV/UTV, it is one of the most well-known brands in the power sports industry.

About Kryptek
Kryptek is a technical clothing line built on tactical military apparel attributes. Providing combat proven features and design for the ultimate in high-performance technical outdoor apparel. From the battlefield to the backcountry, Krpytek’s singular and unique camouflage designs are recognized around the world.


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